The 8 Second Brain

There’s too much information in the world right now.

And we’re all too busy trying to keep up, so what do we do?

We crave the summary.

We crave the cliffs notes.

We crave the silver bullets.

“Just give me the 30-second answer,” we say.

When, in reality, we know we need more than that. We need the full context, the full experience, the full background of whatever holds our attention.

A new skill.

A new client.

A new project.

In the attention economy, digital technology has trained us to crave status updates, to check our emails every 10 minutes, and to master the art of multi-tasking.

We crave short answers because we have short attention spans.

Welcome to the 8-second Brain

Are you still reading this?


Because success comes to those who focus, put in the work, and immerse themselves.

Want to learn a new skill? Make it a priority. Take a course. Invest time to learn the skill.

Want more clients? Focus on the foundation of your business – relationships over time.

To go from where you are now to where you want to be you need to sacrifice time to do so.

Time is the great equalizer.

Achieving your goals in life and in business comes down to investing your time wisely.

You won’t be successful if your knowledge accumulates through 8-second answers.

So instead of looking for the summary, Cliffs Notes, or bullet points, immerse yourself deeply in whatever holds your attention. It’s the only way to make true progress.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, let alone 8-seconds. Same goes for your business.

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  1. Michelle Ellis

    I love your content, both long and short forms. In fact, you have to slow down, it is really hard to keep up with everything you put out. And I always get the feeling that I missed something if I don’t have time to read…looking for a good speed reading class just to keep up. 🙂

  2. Elliott Porter

    Please don’t change a thing Jeff, love reading all of your wise words of wisdom. Thank you.

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