Execute and Iterate

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took centuries to create all those roads.

Your business works the same way. Like all good things, it takes time to achieve success.

Yet it’s easy to see the results of others and assume their success was overnight.

This is a problem as old as the Roman empire. Or at least how history has them romanticized.

Start small and perfect your pitch

It’s easier to achieve when the stakes are low. The smaller the audience, the easier the pitch.

Even the most gifted salespeople have modest beginnings. They’ve had countless failures, missteps, and learnings before perfecting their craft.

Most skills in business are learned the hard way, even though case studies leave out all the gory details.

Quality of interaction over quantity

Rarely are our skills perfected by pitching to the masses. We are much better off building a few high quality relationships vs scratching the surface with thousands of strangers.

This is true for friendships, relationships, and business development. Solve for a pain point, and your bonds will flourish.

Bring the pain to the surface, and things break down quickly. Spraying and praying and suffering.

There’s no need to be greedy

Believe me sweetie, there’s enough to feed the needy.

Sometimes you just need to incorporate hip-hop lyrics into your newsletter. Or reference stand-up comedy specials. Or fallen empires.

When in Rome…

Build relationships, create awareness and add value over time

Sometimes these weekly sage posts come to me like a gift.

Others, like this one, I struggle to find the right words.

Both sides of the coin are human. Even the bad ones strengthen our relationship. Brings your business focus to the top of your mind.

It’s the body of work that matters. The long game.

What relationships have you invested in lately?