An Ode to the Dreamers

We all have dreams.

It could be dreaming of traveling or purchasing a new home. Social and financial security. Or even a new laptop.

And then there are the dreamers…

Dreamers see the world for what it can be, not how it is today. Through relentless pursuit, dreamers strive to create something better. Improvement. Perfection.

They seek out adversity, and use it for motivation and fuel. It’s not always practical, and it’s rarely planned. Dreamers won’t sleep until they make their dreams a reality.

Are you a dreamer?

Today’s entrepreneurs are yesterday’s dreamers. They dreamed of taking the plunge for days, months, years. Wantrepreneurship.

Then one day they woke to a reality of being in business for themselves. They cut the safety net. The alarm clock went off in their heads. From dreaming to living the dream. Or so they say…

But this isn’t an ode to entrepreneurs. There are enough words on the Internet celebrating them.

This is an ode to the dreamers. This is a love letter to cubicle walls and soul sucking commutes.

This is a swan song to satisfaction. A poem to perfection.

Because in our dreams, everything is perfect.

Stock options and safety nets

You see an old friend one day at a gathering. They haven’t aged in years. Something about doing yoga 10x a week with their private Yogi on the island of Bali. Sounds like they have an Internet business or something, but you stopped listening half-way through and started day-dreaming about that Julia Roberts movie. No, not that one. The other one. She’s just sooo likable! Snap out of it.

Where were you again? Oh yeah, your friend was humble-bragging about how rewarding it was to build a school in Peru with their bare hands, sew the uniforms for children and then single handedly teach all of the kids to read. As you try to find fault in your humanitarian friend and think about how much you hate them, your mind wanders again. This time you are dreaming of Ceviche. Mmm… Ceviche.

Maybe you should start an Internet business like your friend? You’ve always dreamed of doing something different, and it seems to be working out for them.

But that’s way too risky. You love your 26 paychecks (and how about that illusive 27th paycheck in 2016? Best day of your life!)

Plus your stock options are going to kick in next year. These golden handcuffs are worth their weight in gold.

Maybe once the kids are in pre-school, done with sports, headed to college, able to support me if this fails.

Every morning you wake up

Dreams are always safe; they are never wrong. Any discomfort and we call it a nightmare.

Dreams are harmless. No matter what happens that night, every morning you wake up.

And then you sit in traffic for hours, wondering where all of these cars could possibly be going. Then you sit at your desk for half of your waking hours. Wondering what exactly all of these people surrounding you are doing with their lives.

Seriously, what the heck are all of these people doing? And why are they making such bad jokes? It’s not that funny! And your laugh makes me question my sanity.

You day dream about escaping the cube farm. About walking out on the job.

But you just can’t do it. It’s too risky.

When being awake is a nightmare

Everyone has a different boiling point at office altitudes. It may take you two weeks to stick it to the man. Or it could take two decades.

But it always happens the same way. Your days become nightmarishly long. Your dreams the only escape.

The thought of risk subsides. Anything is better than this feeling.

Maybe it’s finally time to give entrepreneurship a try.

This is my message to the dreamers

Do it.

Take the risk. Roll the dice. Stop worrying.

You are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for, and much more resourceful. You tucked away enough money for a safety net, and you know your partner will support the decision.

And if it doesn’t work out? There are hundreds of thousands of vacant cubicles who would love to have a worker like you.

You can always get a job. No matter what happens. You might have to swallow your pride, but at least you gave it a shot.

And if you don’t give it a shot? That is the biggest risk of all.

What is your dreamer story? Share your thoughts on taking that leap into entrepreneurship in the comments!


  1. Stephen Hudson

    Hi Jeff,
    First, I’m a big fan of your analytics course. I think you did a fantastic job with it. I’m 51 years old and I was a data analyst in the Navy for 20 years. I retired from the military in 2005. Since then I’ve had several corporate jobs that paid well but I just didn’t enjoy it. I left the corporate world to became a teacher which is something I always wanted to do. I absolutely loved it and I taught middle school history for 4 years. The only problem was that I have 4 kids and I just couldn’t afford to raise my family on what I was making so last year I removed the safety net and started my own internet marketing agency. It has been going pretty well and I have some good clients. I currently white label my SEO, Web Design and Social Media Management which has been working out well for everybody involved. My goal is to become a Google Analytics expert like you and add consulting to my company’s services. I’m currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University and I only have two classes left. The class I just completed was called Web Analytics and Optimization and I really enjoyed it. Our course book was from Avinash Kaushik – Web Analytics 2.0. I saw the video you did about your new class on how to start and manage an agency. I’m saving my money to be able to take your course on entrepreneurship because I really want to know how to be successful at this and make money as a web analytics consultant. Your newsletter is great and I’m trying to read all of the articles you suggest. Again, I’m a big fan of what you are doing and I really appreciate you putting together these training videos to help people like me. Happy Memorial Day!!

    – Stephen

    1. Jeff Sauer Post author

      Stephen – thanks for sharing and for your kind words. I appreciate your background, and it’s great to see how you arrived in the world of digital marketing. You’re doing the right thing by rounding out your knowledge and taking the plunge. Look forward to staying in touch through the Agency Course program too, once you’re ready!


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