Finally... A Battle-Tested Sales System for Freelancers, Consultants, and Agencies 

By someone who ACTUALLY has sold services worth over $x millions of dollars

​​​​Hi, I'm Jeff Sauer

Partner at Three Deep Marketing, an Inc. 5000 5-time award recipient and Hall of Fame inductee. Founder of Jeffalytics. Creator of PPC Mastery Course with x number of students. Creator of Analytics Course with x number of students.

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You look at your list of client proposals and contracts still pending client approval - 12/14. Not good.

If you could only "close" a few deals today, then you'd hit your revenue goal for the month, but...

For some deals, it's been WEEKS since you've heard from your prospective clients.

So, you pick up the phone and call one of your prospects that still hasn't signed the contract.


Almost immediately, your call is sent to voicemail as if it was intentional. As in your prospect doesn't want to talk to you.

You think, "Was I just sent to voicemail on purpose?"

Then in a FLASH!

The voicemail message begins:

"Hi, this is John from Acme Inc. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

You know John isn’t really going to get back to you. At this point, you think to yourself; it's pointless to leave yet another message.

You don't even think about emailing John again. You've done that too.

Two months ago when you met with John, you thought the initial meeting went well. John was optimistic about getting the project done, and was ready to get the deal signed so you could get started on the project...but weeks passed, and it never happened.

What went wrong?

In your head you begin to question how this could happen:

"Was the pricing of my service too high?"
"Did John not like the proposal I submitted?"
"Was the sales presentation off the mark?"

The sales process....

The most significant sticking point for many freelancers, consultants, and agencies.

Like it or hate it - to thrive as an expert service provider you need to master the art of selling.

We can be the BEST at our craft and yet if we can't master the art of selling our services in the 21st century, then we're stuck with getting just "jobs" from Upwork, Elance, and Fiverr platforms that commoditize service providers.

We can get inbound leads and grow our agency business, but it's the execution of a sales process that will be the engine of revenue growth and the key to business expansion.

For many, selling is a chore, something that has to be done - out of necessity. As freelancers, consultants, and agencies we just want to get the work, do it, and not worry about sales.

We view selling and the art of sales as dishonest, sleazy, and slimy.

It’s manipulative at best, right?

Is there a way to sell our services from a position of strength, integrity, and transparency that doesn’t use hard sell manipulative tactics?


But we nee

Why We Distrust, Dislike, and Disavow Sales People

Whenever we hear about sales, most of us think about a used car salesman. Right?

That slick, sleazy, and slimy person who is going to lie to us, manipulate us, and "close" us on buying a car at the highest price possible without our best interests at heart.

We think to ourselves, "What's the sales person concealing? Am I being deceived and I don’t know it?"

And guess what?

This is the EXACT same thought process that your prospective clients go through when you discuss selling your services to them.

Decades of unscrupulous selling tactics have made many of us distrust, dislike, and disavow selling in any of its forms. Our prospective clients know this too because they're just like us. Even if someone is an honest person, we’re naturally suspicious of them. We’ve been conditioned to be skeptical of anyone who sells because we expect to be lied, manipulated, and pressured into buying. We’ve heard stories of high-pressure, manipulative, and unethical "closing" tactics cajoling people into buying something they don’t need.

Assumptive close? Ben Franklin Close? Wolf of Wall Street close?

Unethical sales tactics from dishonest vulture-like salespeople have ruined selling for EVERYONE.

Especially freelancers, consultants, and agencies who work in the services economy looking to build a sustainable business that scales from six-figures to seven-figures in annual revenue and beyond.

Selling our services is an uphill battle because our clients (and ourselves) have been exposed to unethical sales practices that don't work anymore in the 21st century.

And the biggest unethical sales practice that doesn't work anymore is the gold standard of sales proverbs.


“Always Be Closing.”

Here's why:

Old School Sales Tactics Don’t Work Anymore To Sell Services

“Coffee's for closers” - Blake, Glengarry Glenn Ross.

The image of the ideal salesperson is an extroverted, talkative, and likable person whose ONE goal is to...


"Always Be Closing"

The mantra of salespeople around the world. Either the client buys, or they buy. Period. The goal is to close and close FAST regardless of the outcome for the client.

Closing is so sacred that according to Wikipedia there are 13 different types of closing tactics...and guess what?

They don’t work anymore.



But did you know that all those closing tactics were created before the Internet was invented?

Closing tactics are a relic of the 20th century.

A time when prospective customers and clients had little to no access to information…

But that's changed.

We’re in the 21st century now. Using the sales tactics of the pre-internet age is like trying to start a fire with just wood and rocks instead of a Bic lighter…

As the times change, we have to change our approach. Our clients are smart. They can see unethical selling from a mile away. We have to change our approach to selling our services.

It makes ZERO sense to use sales ideas, tactics, and strategies from the past when the present is radically different.

The good news is that the core foundation of selling is the same. It always has been.

Selling is about connecting, and anyone can do it with right process.

The Client For Decades Sales Model For Service-Based Businesses

Insert Image

The emphasis is on connecting with prospects to develop and maintain a potential client relationship that lasts for DECADES.

A client relationship that lasts for decades is the ultimate and #1 driver of profits for ANY service-based business.

Phase 1 - The Qualification Phase

​The Client For Decades Model starts with identifying whether a contact is a good lead then you run through your bad client checklist to weed out clients who are not a good fit for for your business model and you do it gracefully without being an a-hole about it.

Phase 2 - The Advisor Phase

After the qualification phase, you transition unqualified leads into qualified leads with the potential to convert into a good client. You understand your prospective client’s needs deeply and here's the game changer - even if we have to invest 5 free hours of consulting time to do this.


Jeff are you crazy?


We do this because we know it’s a well-qualified lead, so we invest the time to build a relationship to earn trust.

Listen here to my friend Dan Shures take on his SEO consulting process - from the Jumpstart Podcast.

The goal in the Clients For Decades Model is to establish trust when you first meet with prospective clients. You do this by understanding your prospects deeply then you establish authority during the sales meeting with a Rock Solid Sales Presentation to convey your credibility as well as communicate the potential solution always acting as the trusted advisor to your prospective clients even if no money has ever been exchanged yet.

​Phase 3 - The Follow Up Phase

In phase 3 we draft a proposal based on what we discovered during the sales meetings and our conversations with our prospective client. We loop in all the contacts whom we've spoken to and all the key decision makers to understand any obstacles, challenges, or threats to our proposed project proposal.

We use the Balance Beam Follow Up Strategy to follow up with prospective clients, but we’re not pushy. Our goal is not to close our prospective client but to educate them and help them make an informed, intelligent, and sound decision.

Selling is about getting our prospects intellectually and emotionally invested in a result or outcome that is good for them.

As service professionals, we are THE trusted advisors to our clients. We recommend what is in their best interests, not ours. We pinpoint real problems that will have an impact on our potential client's life. In the old sales model, the seller does what is in HIS or HERS best interest. They don’t care about their prospective clients just the quickest path to the transaction, and the money pocketed.

The Client For Decade's model is the same process that I’ve been using for decades, and after getting over my imposter syndrome. I’ve decided to share the process to help both one-person freelancers and consultants as well as agencies not to close more one of sales but to develop long-term client relationships for decades that serve as the foundation of your service-based business no matter how big it is.

But, I’m sure you’re wondering, does this process work?


Keep reading to discover....

Behind The Revenue Growth of My Agency

Three Deep Marketing revenue growth bar chart. Source: Inc. 5000 list

If you’ve been receiving my emails, you’ll know that I mentioned Mr.D, the mysterious IBM and Oracle sales person who taught me about sales. His name is Dan. Dan is also a founder of Three Deep Marketing.

The Client For Decades model of establishing, and maintaining client relationships for decades is the exact sales approach that our agency Three Deep Marketing has taken to develop their book of business over time.

The result.

Our agency is one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States according to Inc. 5000. We are also a Hall of Fame Inc. 5000 agency inductee and 5-time Inc. 5000 award winner.

This is not by accident.

Our agency consciously decided to make client relationships that last for decades the secret sauce to our revenue growth. Without our enduring client relationships and maintaining those relationships for years, our agency would not have been able to grow as fast as it did.

The Clients For Decades sales model is also the same exact sales model that I use privately in my consulting practice. I have clients whom I've worked with for years, and they're the main engine of my revenue. I learned this from my Dad who operates a one-person consulting practice where he has clients for decades too, and it's his secret to an enduring six-figure income.

If you are a service professional, clients for decades is the key to riches in the service business.

There is no way around it.

Here's the best part about the clients for decades sales model: anyone can do it.

You don’t have to be an extrovert.

You don't need to have to put pressure on prospects to buy.

You just need to be open to implementing a step-by-step process and do what is right for your clients always acting as their trust advisor throughout the process.

Introducing Sales Jumpstart

The Most Time-Efficient Course On Selling Services For Busy Freelancers, Consultants, and Agencies

Sales Jumpstart is a 12-lesson, No B.S. multimedia online training program that teaches you how to identify, attract, and work with good potential clients based on a relationship first approach that leads to clients for decades.

THere’s videos, workshets, and hot seats.

By the end of the course you’ll learn:

How to identify good leads.

When to reveal your pricing and why .

How to keep your clients for decades.

How to eliminate scope creep before a prospect becomes a client.

Even better: You’ll discover how to connect with your leads, filter the bad ones out, then established trust, and provide value in a way that inspire confidence and authority.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’ll discover in each lesson in the Sales Jumpstart Program.

The course includes:

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Here’s what you’ll discover in each lesson:

Lesson 1: Where do you go ​​​​to get leads?

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    Why being good at your craft is the third-most important thing for your business.
  • check
    How generating inbound leads is the best way to grow your first $1 Million on revenue, and why you may not need to resort to cold-calling to get there.
  • check
    Defining when a contact becomes a lead for your business, and the language you should use when referring to sales prospects.
  • check
    The eight places where you can go to find leads for your business right away.
  • check
    10 places where I generate 99% of my leads (and real-life examples of how leads turned into sales).

Lesson 2: Working inbound leads

  • check
    How to immediately recognize when leads are worth your time, and when you should pass on an opportunity.
  • check
    Why you should spend time qualifying each lead that comes in, before you invest time in pitching to win their business.
  • check
    When is it OK to say NO to leads? And what you should offer as an alternative when deciding not to pursue the opportunity.
  • check
    A dead-simple lead follow-up process that you can implement in just 5 minutes a day.

Lesson 3: Outbound lead generation

  • check
    Why outbound prospecting brings in leads that are much more targeted than inbound marketing
  • check
    A comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of Outbound vs. Inbound leads
  • check
    Our 5-step strategy for immediately getting started with outbound lead generation
  • check
    How to evaluate the characteristics of your most profitable customers and find more of them through outbound marketing (and when to niche down)
  • check
    The investments you should make in email prospecting systems (plus our most recommended software for outreach)
  • check
    How to create your initial list of prospects, and why you should consider purchasing a list as well
  • check
    Outreach templates you can use for prospecting new clients

Lesson 4: Outreach – The good, the bad and the ugly

  • check
    Watch Jeff critique the outreach emails he received from service providers over a 3-month period (and learn what you should absolutely NOT do in your outreach)
  • check
    See the video strategy that has prospects in complete awe of your outreach
  • check
    The 4 keys to make responding to your outreach a ‘no-brainer’ for prospects
  • check
    My Give, Give, Give strategy that fuels every single great outreach campaign
  • check
    Why you don’t want to be simply average with outreach, and why average outreach will not receive a response
  • check
    8 specific reasons why most outreach emails suck, and how you can avoid them
  • check
    How to build self-awareness into your outreach campaigns to generate higher quality leads

Lesson 5: Keeping track of your leads

  • check
    Healthy business metrics – the two metrics that immediately show that you have a healthy business
  • check
    The 4 systems every agency needs to implement if they want to avoid cash flow issues
  • check
    Lead capture mechanisms, and three places you can go to generate a list of hundreds of leads today
  • check
    What we learned evaluating 10+ marketing automation systems, and a recommendation for you to get started right away
  • check
    The 5 things to look for when selecting a sales database provider (and which is more important, features or integrations?)
  • check
    An exclusive look at our revenue projection process, grading system, and how you can use this system to project your revenue for the next 12 months

Lesson 6: Transitioning leads to sales

  • check
    An illustration of the sales process that every service business goes through, and tips for maximizing the value at every step of the process
  • check
    Understanding the exact moment when a contact becomes a lead, and how to maximize the leads you generate
  • check
    My 11-step process that I use to evaluate every sales prospect (Hint: if a lead doesn’t pass at least 10 of these tests, they are not a prospect)
  • check
    The six qualities that go into a well-made proposal (and my #1 reality check for the health and sanity of your business)
  • check
    Seven things you need to do if you want to close more deals

Lesson 7: Your pitch deck

  • check
    How to save yourself hundreds of hours a year by building a strong capabilities deck
  • check
    A 9-point checklist for what you MUST include in your pitch deck
  • check
    The right way to position your company and establish credibility (without being too flashy or underwhelming)
  • check
    Two battle-tested strategies for making your clients exclaim “I WANT THAT!” during your pitch
  • check
    Why your sales deck needs both depth and differentiation to succeed (and a simple framework for doing both)
  • check
    My favorite trick for nailing every presentation, and it only takes one hour for a junior resource to pull together

Lesson 8: Pitch deck template

  • check
    Downloadable template that can be used to pitch ANY service (and a companion video showing you the exact steps you can take for your next pitch)
  • check
    The right order to share your slides, and how to build a narrative that keeps the attention of your prospects for the entire pitch
  • check
    What to include in your deck (and what to leave out) if you want to win the deal

Lesson 9: Pitching your services

  • check
    The benefits and drawbacks of pitching your services in-person (and the percentage of pitches you can expect to deliver virtually)
  • check
    12 things you need to do if you want win over the audience in your in-person pitch (and a checklist you can use before your next meeting)
  • check
    An additional 13 considerations for making virtual pitches effective (and some of the biggest mistakes I made over the years)
  • check
    How to answer the “why are you here?” question within the first 5 minutes of your pitch
  • check
    Three things you should NEVER include in your pitch

Lesson 10: Jeff’s first sales pitch

  • check
    How a solid pitch deck holds up after 10 years (and why I only change 20% of the slides for any single pitch)
  • check
    An insider perspective as I try to pitch you on my services… using a deck from 2007
  • check
    The four relationship qualities that matter more than the information inside of your pitch deck

Lesson 11: Creating estimates and proposals

  • check
    The 9-step process you need to go through when creating an estimate (and a checklist to keep you on track)
  • check
    10 more steps you must take to turn your estimate into an official proposal
  • check
    Six vital resources you need to consult before sending any proposal

Lesson 12: Sales follow-up strategy

  • check
    The difference between broke service professionals & those who get paid their due
  • check
    How frequently you should follow-up with your prospects after sending over your contract
  • check
    10 reasons why your prospects go cold (and a strategy for getting them to take action)
  • check
    My strategy for closing a $100k/year deal with one simple email (and how that contract has generated over $900k in revenue to date)
  • check
    Four strategies for organizing your sales follow-up strategy, and a simple system for keeping track of everything in 5 minutes a day

Exclusive Bonuses To Accelerate Your Results


Bonus #1 - How To Hire A Salesperson Checklist

​Do you just want to focus on completing your service versus selling it? This bonus is designed to help you do just that. It’s a comprehensive, real-world, checklist on how to hire a sales person the right way.

So if you’re a one-person consultant or agency how wants to grow and scale your business by hiring a sales person you’re going to love this bonus.


Bonus #2 - Pitch Deck Hot Seats

Not sure if you’re pitch deck is good? In this bonus, Jeff will record a short 5-minute video providing feedback on your sales pitch deck.

This will help you improve how your present your services to your clients and allow you to close more deals at lighting speed. Oh yeah!

Not Just Another Course You Won’t Finish

Most online courses are designed to NEVER be completed. Think about how many courses you’ve purchased but never finished?

You WILL finish Sales Jumpstart.

Why do I say that?

Because unlike other courses who just give you the login and that's it Instead, we’ll be sending you very short concise emails about each lesson to act as reminder for you to complete the module.

Each module also has a quiz at the end to make sure you understand the material and it sticks in your long term memory.

ANd here is the best part…

Every student who finished the Sales Jumpstart program and submits a review of the course so that we can improve it will get a special discount for our flagship course the Agency Jumsptart course.

Instead of the current $1297 price you’re eligible for our grandfathered in rate of $997. That’s the same price we charged last year in 2017.

So, if your complete Sales Jumpstart and then decide to purchase agency course for the grandfathered in rate of $997, Sales Jumpstart is essentially free!

I’m only doing this for those who complete the Sales Jumpstart curse. You have to complete every single module and there’s only 12.

Don’t worry my team and I, will nudge you to take action so you complete the course and overcome any procrastination on your end.

Everyone Has A Sales Process But Is It The Right One?

We all have a sales process. Sometimes it works, and that’s great! But...when it doesn't…

What do we do?

We blame our clients. It’s their fault. THey don’t know what their talking about. We did everything right.

Do you know what psychologists call this?

External attribution.

When things don’t go right we blame things that are eternal to us like when we don’t get the sale for ur services

We blame clients, maybe employees if we have any, or the economy.

It’s never us.

But have you ever thought it might be your sales process?

It could be that you have a “leak” in your process that lets clients slip away.

For example, after your submit a proposal, do you follow up with your prospects? If so, how many times do you follow up?

Did you know that it takes 7 touches for a prospect to become a client?

Do you reveal your pricing (I need to basically add mistakes that people make here in sales)

The point is that sales is a process just like building a home is a process too. If you skip a step or forget a step when building a house, it crumbles, right? It’s the same in sales too. With the right sales process executed you’ll increase your chance at working with the clients of your choice.

Now, I’m not promising you that you’ll close 100% of your prospective clients on your list, just that by having a process you’ll increase the likelihood that you finally get that client contract.

If you’ve been reading the emails I sent last week, remember the story of how I landed one of my clients TWO years later at a much higher price? Why was that? Because I put value on the relationships, connecting, and followed up over time. The result was getting the deal.

Most prospects won’t convert into clients in the next 30 days, but they will in the next year, two, or maybe three. It’s all a matter of developing and maintaining a relationship over time and providing value as a trusted advisor.

Already Have Too MANY Clients? Eliminate Overwhelm By Sharpening Your Post-Sales Process

I hear this one all the time…

“Jeff, I have too many clients right now. If I start increasing my sales, it’ll get out of control.

I hear you.

Now, there’s usually two reasons why might be overwhelmed with clients right now.

1 - You really do have TOO Many - and you do TOO much for each client account.

2 - When you are talking with clients during the sales process you either don’t scope out the project or you skip that step and go straight for an estimate.

Regardless of the situation that you’re in right now, the issue is not setting the right client expectations and either skipping or incorrectly scoping out the project.

We all get excited when potential clients come to us with potential work, especially if we’re doing one-off projects so in an attempt to not let the client fly away we turnaround a quick estimate to get the deal.

I did this when I was a one-person consultant, but…

If you’re a freelancer, consultant, or agency business that is established then you need to take a step back and rethink the scope of work for your clients. No one starts an agency business to work 80-100 hours per week.

The goal…

TO work 4 hours per week!

But that’s unrealistic too.

The better approach is to properly scope out client projects in a way that helps our clients where we provide value AND do the work that we love too! (Go We Work)

In Sales Jumpstart, I’ll show you a process on how to scope out client projects ht eight way so that you eliminate client overwhelm.

The Sales Jumpstart Methodology Works Independent of Culture

Selling is about connecting remember?

It works independent of your culture. Norms, traditions, values, change, but what doesn't change?

We want to work with people we like, know, and trust.

Let me ask you.

DO you want to work with a stranger that you don’t know, and have no idea if you can trust?

No, right?

So, it doesn't matter where in the world you are, the foundational principles of selling covered in Sales Jumpstart work in any culture in the world.

Only you know your country’s culture. You know what people like, what norms to follow, and what values are ideals.

Sales Jumpstart isn’t about using manipulative tactics, but instead it’s a process to help you execute a sales process base on developing trust, perspective, and relationships with your potential clients wherever you are in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact technologies you recommend and how much do they cost? 

Sales Jumpstart is primarily focused on executing a relationship-first sales process that can be used with any type of technology that suits your needs. However, we do cover some technologies such as PipeDrive as a CRM system. 

Can we hire you as a sales consultant and just tell us how to do everything and how to set these things up? I am overwhelmed enough already and now I need to do this? 

No. Sales Jumpstart is a course based on my experience at Three Deep Marketing, and my 13 years as a freelancer offering services. It’s a concise distillation of the biggest insights in an easy to complete course.

Can this course really work if you aren't giving me specific information for my specific business? What are you holding back from me?

Selling is a process. Sales tactics can work to an extent, but you’re only manipulating your prospective clients into doing business with you. The sales process covered in Sales Jumpstart is meant for service-based businesses regardless of the industry.

Should I take this course or should I just hire a salesperson? They obviously should know all this right? So If I hire them, they will make me revenue AND won't have to watch these boring videos. So it's like I am saving myself all the hassle of watching this course and upgrading my revenues!

Not all salespeople know how to execute the relationship-first sales process covered in Sales Jumpstart. Few do in my experience. Most sales people have been exposed to the ABC model of closing clients FAST regardless if the service sold is good to the client and this leads to client dissatisfaction and big attrition rates.

The Sales Jumpstart teaches a process that keeps clients for decades after the sell.

Do you accept scholarships into the program? I have no money and need to generate sales in order to pay for your sales course.

No. There is no scholarship program for the Sales Jumpstart program right now.

Do you provide a "done for me" sales service that I can use to get clients? I don't want to pay for leads or invest in marketing. I just want high quality leads guaranteed to close into deals. I would pay you 10% of the deal for guaranteed leads so I don't have to do any work. Can we arrange something like this?


Do I still need a lawyer to draft my statements of work or do you give me the answers in this course?

We recommend that all students consultant a legal professional regarding any contractual issues that might arise during the sales process. Though we do teach you how to draft a client proposal it doesn’t replace the advice of a legal professional for your specific situation.

You wrote a post once saying that you don't need an outbound sales strategy if you are under $1 Million in revenue. I never plan on being more than $1 million in revenue, so I don't need this course, right?

Regardless of your revenue goal, the sales process outlined in the Sales Jumpstart course will help you whether you are a one-person consultant who wants to stay that way or an employee-staffed agency. The principles of ethical selling are universal regardless of your revenue goal.

How can you guarantee that sales training will make me better at sales?

No one can make you a guarantee like that because most people who take training do not apply the information. The average person does not take action. However, if you do take action, I can guarantee you that the insights in the Sales Jumpstart course will help you in some way in your sales process.

Why would I take this course? Why wouldn't I just pick up 5 books on sales and pocket the extra $200?

Most books on sales today are used a lead generation tactic to upsell you to a membership site, conference, or live bootcamp over the weekend. The information in the books are often incomplete. The sales jumpstart program is not just an online course, but it also has a forum and Facebook community/Slack channel where you can get help from members of the community. A book is just a book. Sales jumpstart is a proven process built around a community.

Does this course cover various techniques for selling different types of services - e.g. AdWords retainer vs on-off project for on site SEO?

Selling is a process. Sales tactics can work to an extent, but you’re only manipulating your prospective clients into doing business with you. The sales process covered in Sales Jumpstart is meant for service-based businesses regardless of the industry.

Will your templates and techniques work with my systems?

Regardless of your current process, sales systems, or technology that you’re using, the Clients-For-Decades methodology can be applied independent of your specific tools, and current process. This is more of like an OS upgrade.

You mention enterprise sales techniques... but I don't want to create an enterprise sales organization. I want to stay just a solo freelancer. Does this course still work?

Regardless of your revenue goal, the sales process outlined in the Sales Jumpstart course will help you whether you are a one-person consultant who wants to stay that way or an employee-staffed agency. The principles of ethical selling are universal regardless of your revenue goal.

Would it be more efficient/effective for me (the business owner who's doing the work delivery, not sales) to go thru the material as well or have just my sales guy go through it? I would also want to keep tabs on what's happening.

I recommend that both you and your sales person go through the training program. It’s likely that you’ve been exposed to some bad sales tactics that the course will help you adjust. Concepts like the ABC model of selling don’t work anymore. The course teaches a 21st century approach to selling.

What technologies do you recommend in this course? Will it work with my existing technology? Will the technology cost me even more money that I don't have? Do you really think I should spend here when I have all these other places I could spend my money?

Sales Jumpstart is primarily focused on executing a relationship-first sales process that can be used with any type of technology that suits your needs. However, we do cover some technologies such as PipeDrive as a CRM system.

Sales Jumpstart is NOT for you if...

  • You like the ABC model of “Always be closing” prospects.
  • You’re looking for sales closing techniques to manipulate prospects and make them buy your service.
  • You don’t run a service-based business.
  • You can’t commit 2 hours per week to review and implement the course material.
  • You don’t want to establish long-term client relationships.

Sales Jumpstart IS for you if...

  • You recognize that the ABC model of “Always be closing” doesn’t work anymore.
  • You’ve tried conventional advice on selling but it hasn’t worked.
  • You don’t have a sales process to walk a prospect from contact to actual client.
  • You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own in your service-based business but you know “what got you to where you are today” is not going to help you elevate yourself to the next level in your service-based business.

​Our Trusty Bulletproof Guarantee

​Try Sales Jumpstart for a full 60-Days, 100% Risk-Free

Do the work and complete the course. If you show me you did all the lessons and worksheets, and it didn't work for you then let us know within 60 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.


​4 Payments of $75

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Are you satisfied where you are now?

​I get it. You probably have your hands full with your current clients, and you’re not looking to scale.

Maybe things are going well for you and you’re earning six-figures as a one-person consultant, or your employee-staffed agency’s business development department is meeting their sales goal at 100%.

But let me ask you this.

Do you want to go to the next level?

There’s always a next level.

If you don’t want to go there, that’s fine. I’ll be here in case you need help.

But if you want to see how to grow and scale your sales process with a proven process by an Inc. 5000 agency then I encourage you to enroll in sales jumpstart.

If you have ANY questions, email us at and I’ll reply to your questions personally I read every email.


​4 Payments of $75

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