You are about to enter the Sales Sharktank 

[Cue the music] Today in the Sales Sharktank, we have Josh Braaten, an entrepreneur, friend of 10 years, and CEO of Brandish Insights.

Josh is looking to persuade potential companies to adopt his new technology that helps businesses understand how their brand stacks up relative to competitors AND what regular people think, and feel about their brand - so they can use those insights to improve their marketing.

Is Josh's sales pitch good or bad? Let's find out.

Here comes Sharktank Jeff.

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised.

A thin-skinned entrepreneur would have backed down from this feedback, but Josh took it in stride. 

In fact, after getting knocked down, he got right back up and delivered the best pitch of his life.

And he closed the deal. But don't just take my word for it, hear Josh tell the story. 

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level?"

What you need is brutal honest feedback. Sharktank Style.

Josh followed my advice, and his next pitch ended in a new deal.

The advice I gave him came from decades of experience selling services to the biggest companies in the world.

I know what works, and what doesn't.  

That's why I created Sales Jumpstart, a complement to the Agency Jumpstart Course.

Sales is the BIGGEST obstacle to both new and experienced consultants and agencies.

Get it right, and your service-based business knows no limits.  

But get it wrong, and you're stuck in a feast or famine cycle. 

If you're not ready to hear your baby is ugly yet, then keep reading

Throughout my conversation with Josh, I kept on referring to "some videos I was working on for my new course."

By the fifth time I referenced these videos, I said to Josh "screw it, do you want me to send you a completely unedited copy of the lesson I am talking about?"

He said "of course." So I sent him the videos you will find below. And Josh used these videos + my feedback to deliver a business-changing pitch. 

I want to help you have the same breakthrough in your business, so I'm making these pre-release Sales Jumpstart videos available to you as well.  

Here is what you will discover in these Sales Jumpstart Sample Lessons

  • How to answer the “why are you here?” question within the first 5 minutes of your pitch.
  • The right way to position your company and establish credibility (without being too flashy or underwhelming).
  • Three things you should NEVER include in your sales deck.
  • Two battle-tested strategies for making your clients exclaim “I WANT THAT!” during your pitch.

Here's what I can tell you: this is time well spent. In fact, focusing on this part of growing your business is probably the most effective activity you can do to close out 2017 strong. 

So I encourage you to watch each of these videos (they are only ~5 minutes each) in full-screen mode so that you can focus on the content. 

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