Free Lead Quality Checklist

Discover How To Identify The Worst Potential Clients So You Only Work With The Best 

Imagine being able to know with virtually pinpoint accuracy whether a potential client is a good or bad opportunity. You would save hours of time, energy, and of course money.

Most freelancers, consultants, and agencies take any deal that comes their way, but top-performers know which deals are good and which are bad. They're not afraid to turn down a bad opportunity. 

If you're looking to work with the BEST clients only, then you need to learn how to qualify any client.  In my 10-point checklist, you will...

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    Discover the EXACT percentage of leads that successful agencies close and do business with.   
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    My 10-point "Bad Client" checklist, and why every potential client needs to pass this test with a 90% or above! 

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